Jori Studios is the first hospital film studio providing medical film sets and props in Vienna. Nothing stands in the way of your sustainable film production.
We offer a variety of fully equipped hospital environments for film and photo shoots, with modular set elements that give each film its unique look. Regardless of whether someone in your film dies, has surgery, or wakes up from a coma, we have the right sets for you.


Our company was founded in 2023 and has since been involved in the design and modular changeability of hospital film sets in Vienna. With our in-house inventory and through our cooperation partner Medical Raubergerber Trading GmbH, we can provide our customers with state-of-the-art medical equipment. Furthermore, we offer trained medical staff to accompany you during your shoot at Jori Studios.


The hospital set
extends over 300 square meters and consists of a hospital corridor, nurses’ station, patient room, intensive care unit as well as an operation room and a fake walk-in elevator. All photos can be found here.

The pathology
offers tiled walls and screed floors on around 160 square meters of basement space, as well as the correspondingly morbid stainless steel furnishings. The studio can be used in variable sizes using mobile flying walls. Here you can download floor plans and view our photo gallery.


Bone saws, hospital beds, operating lights, and much more can be found in our online prop-shop. The medical devices and machines we rent out, such as ultrasonic devices, C-arms, incubators, etc., are provided in cooperation with Medical Raubergerber Trading GmbH.


For booking inquiries and prop rentals please visit our online shop. For all other matters, contact us at office@joristudios.com